Volunteer or Sign up for a Social Issues Class

CCAD provides classes that students can discuss social issues and consider issues related to poverty and marginalized groups.

Some of these classes are:

  • INTE4101 Design for Social Change
  • LIBA2806 Business of Art for Social Change
  • ARTH3102 Feminism & Art
  • ADVE3994 Anti-Human Trafficking Strategies
  • IDUS4201 Advanced Consumer Insights and Synthesis
  • LIBA3674Gender and Sexuality Special Topics
  • CORE4701 Art & Social Practice
  • CORE4702 Multi-Sensory Art Practice

Additionally, students interested in these issues on campus, reach out to our Assistant Director of Student Engagement & Inclusion, Taylor Watkins at twatkins@ccad.edu or 614-222-6191 with your ideas on how we can help get involved with our community.

If currently enrolled students are interested in adding one of the above courses to their spring schedule, they should meet with an Advisor to see how it can be integrated into their academic plans.