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May 7, 2018: Everything you need to make it through finals week

April 23, 2018: Next week is Thrive Week! There will be llamas.

April 09, 2018: Stand up and speak out at UOKCCAD week

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May 7, 2018


Monday, May 7 = Yoga Class
Tuesday, May 8 = Free Finals Snacks & Crafts & Awesome Women in Business
Wednesday, May 9 = Chroma: Best of CCAD Botticelli Launch
Friday, May 11 = Spring Semester ends & Last day to add Session 01 classes & Fashion Show
Saturday, May 12 = 2018 Commencement & Residence halls close for Summer Break
Tuesday, May 15 = DSA and Canzani Center water temporarily shut off
Friday, May 25 = Summer Session 02 tuition due & full Summer Semester tuition due
Monday, May 28 = Memorial Day (no classes, offices closed)
Friday, June 1 = Application Deadline for Summer 2018 Graduation



Hi there. This is your last MY CCAD email of the academic year. Never fear: We’ll be back with monthly messages all summer long.



There’s still time to take a break from finals week with free snacks and crafts in the Crane Lobby onTuesday, May 8, from 11 a.m. to noon.



Chair of the Master of Design in Integrative Design Mercè Graell will discuss “Departing from the World of Sameness” at Awesome Women in Business on Tuesday, May 8.



See the top student work (plus nosh at food trucks and participate in hands-on activities) at Chroma: Best of CCAD Wednesday, May 9, starting at 5 p.m. 

Get ready for Chroma by checking out this preview in Columbus Alive, plus this feature in The Columbus Dispatch on a service project from Morgan Roberts (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2018). Be sure to follow the fun on Instagram (@chromaccad) and join the conversation by tagging your social posts #ccadchroma or #chroma.



Angelo Thomas (Film & Video, 2020) outlined his experience living with — and recovering from — an eating disorder in his documentary short To a Life Worth Living, which was released Wednesday, May 2,and which will be on view in Chroma. The doc received coverage from The Columbus Dispatch andColumbus Alive



The 2018 CCAD Fashion Show hits the runway the evening of Friday, May 11, but members of the CCAD family are welcome to attend the rehearsal earlier in the day in the Short North Ballroom at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The rehearsal starts at 3:30 p.m. You can also catch the show live on Facebook that night, starting at 8 p.m. sharp.



Lots of local love for the 2018 CCAD Fashion Show, including a post from, well, Cbus Local Love, plus WOSU Public Media’s Broad & High614 magazineColumbus Underground (featuring Fashion Design Chair Suzanne Cotton in conversation with Luyao “Echo” Zhang), the Momcast podcast (spotlighting Chelsea Funk’s designs for children with disabilities), and Prizm (about Damien Tobi’s challenges to gender norms).



The COTA bus pass program that allows CCAD students to ride for free during the school year does not apply during the summer. Students who are enrolled in summer classes and/or working at the college over the summer should contact Chris Mundell or Susy Adams to discuss their options.



Don’t delay: Friday, May 11, is the final day to register for Summer Session 01 courses. The first day of class for the session will be Monday, May 14, and the last day to drop classes is Wednesday, May 16.


HE'S NO. 1

Fine Arts major Jason Elizondo is this year’s valedictorian. Learn more about the multidisciplinary artist, whose activities including mentoring students at his high school alma mater, Arts & College Preparatory Academy, here.



Congratulations to the 2018 outstanding seniors: Kendra Bosse (Advertising & Graphic Design), Allie Vanaman (Animation), Luyao Zhang (Fashion Design), Clark Baker (Film & Video), Jason Elizondo (Fine Arts), Erica Eppert (Illustration), Taylor O’Donnell (Industrial Design), Kristina Clark (Interior Design), Kyle Benson (Photography), and Samantha Thune (Studio Art with an Emphasis on the History of Art & Visual Culture).



Commencement is coming up on Saturday, May 12. Check out details about parking, dates and locations, and more here.



Award-winning designer Emily Pilloton, who will deliver this year’s commencement address, was among the commencement speakers recently highlighted in Inside Higher Ed.



Please note, our residence halls will be closing on Saturday, May 12, at 1 p.m. (unless you’re staying for the summer in DSA).



Through Saturday, May 12, all graduating seniors and graduating MFA students receive 25% off CCAD purchases from Ampersand Emporium. So, be sure to save the date and save on all your soon-to-be-alumni gear! We’ll even keep the doors open with extended hours for you.
Some fine print: This sale does not include food, drink, health and beauty products, alumni artwork. Eligible students receive the discount by showing their student ID at checkout.



Don’t forget to complete your course evaluations by Tuesday, May 15. The evaluations are available online on Go Studio.



Water will be temporarily shut off in the Design Square Apartments (DSA) building and Canzani Center Tuesday, May 15, from about 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. because of construction work on campus. Learn more about the Creative Campus project from the city of Columbus here.



A group of Fine Arts students and Fine Arts Associate Professor Danielle Julian Norton recently created a 9-foot-tall construction cone that caught the eye of Good Day Columbus and The Columbus Dispatch.



Marissa Holt (Fashion Design, 2020) designed a skirt collection in response to a relationship with an abusive ex. She recently related online via Now This is Her



Fine Arts Associate Professor Danielle Julian Norton is the winner of the 2018 Teaching Excellence Award, thanks in no small part to accolades she received from current students and alumni.



Alissa Ohashi (Master of Fine Arts, 2019) and alum John Grosvenor (Illustration, 1996) were recently chosen as two of the five artists featured in the second annual ArtPop Cbus Street Gallery from the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Their work is now on billboards throughout Franklin County, as well as downtown City Solutions news racks.



Tyler Davis (Fine Arts, 2018) and Cameron Granger (Film & Video, 2016) have new work featured inShadowboxing, a two-person exhibition at 934 Gallery on view through Friday, May 18. Read Columbus Alive’s cover story on the exhibition here, and 614’s article on the exhibition here.



Name: Freddie Crocheron

Major: Illustration

Class year: 2018

Favorite spot on campus: Kinney Hall

Last show you binge-watched: New Girl

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: Walk around the city on the weekends

Most played song on your playlist right now: Extensions, by Lil Dude & Goonew

Your time at CCAD in 3 emojis: 🤔🙃😵

Current artist/designer crush:  Josh Freydkis

Favorite thing about CCAD: I think that what CCAD does well is create a powerful community. Education aside, I am very grateful for what I have learned at CCAD from the people that go here. It doesn't matter what class, major, age, etc. there is something to be learned from anyone that is enrolled at CCAD. I am proud to be a CCAD student and I am proud of my CCAD family.