C.H. Engelhardt: Entrance/Exit

Thursday, Feb. 9, 2023 | 5 p.m.

Beeler Gallery
60 Cleveland Ave Columbus, OH 43215

Inspired by the works of American composer John Cage and French filmmaker Jacques Tati, the performance piece C.H. Engelhardt: Entrance/Exit explores the idea that unique soundscapes are revealed to us throughout each day as we cross over into various spaces and environments. Every time we open a door, the soundscapes on either side are allowed to interact and enter the spaces for as long as the door is open. As we leave the space, we are engulfed by a unique soundscape and leave the previous one to be silenced behind the door as it closes. With graphics based on interior floor plans, this score is intended to musically engage performers regardless of music background and ability to read standard notation.

This performance comes in conjunction with Michael Mercil: Some Thing(s), on view at Beeler Gallery through Friday, Feb. 24. As part of the exhibition's programming, CCAD is providing meeting and program space for a variety of community activities and performances.

About the artist
C.H. Engelhardt (Illustration, 2024) creates a wide variety of visual work including anatomical illustrations, experimentations with cardboard, and graphical posters. She also collects environmental sounds and creates sound art inspired by the work of John Cage.