Residence Life


While you may find some helpful information on this page below, newly admitted students can find their housing application and pertinent information here.


We want to provide you a home at the center of our community. Currently all DSA rooms are filled for next year, but we usually have rooms come available so we keep a Wait List.

To get on the Wait List for a room:

  • Click red box above for the housing application(s) you need. Print and complete the application(s).
  • Pay $250 housing security deposit online via Self-Service. Deposit must be paid before a room can be selected. Print and attach your deposit receipt to your application(s).
  • Submit the application with receipt via email to Scans are best, but good photos are accepted.

Once the application and proof of deposit payment are received, you will be emailed a confirmation with details about the Wait List. 



Applications are accepted until all allotted spaces are filled or May 11. You may select preferred roommates; however, all room assignments will be made by the college. Summer residents live in apartments with other CCAD students.  The floor and building will be shared with summer interns in the other apartments. You must be on campus and available to move to your summer room on Thursday, May 17 and to your fall room on Sunday, Aug. 19.


  • Applicants have until May 1 to cancel their housing application and get the security deposit refunded.
  • Schottenstein is reserved for incoming students.
  • Payment of room and board must be made prior moving into the residence hall.
  • CCAD reserves the right to cancel any assignment based on inability to pay.
  • DSA houses 190 residents in private rooms in four-bedroom apartments
  • DSA houses 10 residents in private rooms in two-bedroom apartments
  • DSA remains open year-round and throughout all holiday breaks.

Off-Campus Living

Upper-level students have the option to live on- or off-campus. The room selection process for Design Square Apartments occurs in March. Residence Life hosts the CCAD Housing Fair in late February to help students learn more about housing options.

Move-Out Details


Residence Halls CLOSE at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 12. If you have not checked out by the deadline, you will incur a $50 late check-out fine and a $100 Improper Check-Out if you are still here at 2 p.m. [Each additional half hour is $50.]

The deadline cannot be extended unless you are a graduating senior. Seniors will be able to request an extension until 4 p.m.


DSA residents are permitted to stay on campus during the winter break. Schott residents must be out of the hall by 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 14.  Schott residents are permitted to keep most items in their room, but should take all items they may need during the break. Schott will re-open for returning residents after 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 16.


Residents must complete a Check-Out process — details below. Avoid an Improper Check-Out charge of $100 and lock/key change charges for non-returned keys. Details about this process will be emailed to residence prior to move-out.


  • All surfaces must be wiped down, swept, vacuumed, and free of debris. All spaces should be brought to "near move-in condition". Failure to leave your space in "near move-in condition" will result in billing charges.
  • Tape and other adhesives must be removed from all walls, door frames, surfaces, and windows.
  • Double check all drawers for your items. At Check-Out, you will be asked to open all wardrobe doors and dressers drawers.
  • In DSA, the refrigerator and microwave must be wiped out.


Take time to change your mailing address for bills and other correspondence. The U.S. Post Office and CCAD Mailroom cannot do a "change of address" form, so you have to do this with each individual business/person. All non-deliverable mail will be marked "Return to Sender" for one month after move-out.


Incoming (first-year and transfer) Student housing agreements are mailed out by the Admissions Office. We hold 24 Design Square Apartment spaces for Incoming Students.

Residence Life Staff


Two professional residence life staff members and thirteen Resident Advisors (RAs) oversee the residence halls. The role of the RA is to make connections and to ensure the safety and security of all residents. RAs provide educational, personal, professional assistance when appropriate, and appropriate referrals.

Mickey Hart

Director of Residence Life


Office in Design Square Apartments





Jennifer Bermúdez

Residential Community Coordinator


Office in Schottenstein Residence Hall


Resident Advisors


Apt. 204 India Orban Tori Baum
Apt. 305 Freddie Crocheron  
Apt. 505 Katie B. Funk Mariah Zambuto, Lead Resident Advisor



Suite 106 Logan Heister John Martino
Suite 208 Amanda Burnside Rose White
Suite 308 Hannah Donovan Danielle Tucker
Suite 408 Stasha Gacpar

Samuel Witkowski           


Resident Advisor Recruitment

Early each spring semester an application and interview process is conducted to select RAs and alternate RAs for the following summer and academic year.  The deadline for the next hiring cycle has passed. If a position open during the school year, only applicants who have completed the process are eligible for hiring consideration. Most desk assistances are also selected from this hiring process.

The RA Application packet is available for download here from mid-November and to late January. 

Residence Hall Policies

Each resident is responsible for reading and understanding the contents of the Student Handbook and the Residence Life Policies Handbook. To assist students with learning the policies specific to the residence halls we provide online access to our policies handbook. We also place one printed copy in each lounge and the handbook is available at each front desk for review. We also provide a flyer containing the most important policies to each resident at check-in and we post policy-related signs throughout the halls.  All CCAD policies are considered to be a part of your housing agreement. CCAD reserves the right to alter any policy when it deems it necessary for the good of the students and the institution. 

Residence Hall Policies

Residence Hall Information

Schottenstein Mailing Address

Your Name
95 North 9th Street
SCHOTT, Suite Number & Letter*
Columbus, OH 43215

*Include the full address (i.e. 205 A) for proper mail delivery.

Design Square Apartments Mailing Address

Your Name
91 Cleveland Ave.
DSA, Apt. Number & Letter*
Columbus, OH 43215


Incoming (first-year and transfer) students are placed primarily in Schottenstein Residence Hall (Schott). Schott is a traditional style hall with four-person suites of two bedrooms. It is excellent for connecting with other students and known for its tight-knit community. Design Square Apartments (DSA) is our apartment-style living option geared toward upper-level students, however up to 24 incoming students will also live on the second floor of DSA.

Floor Plans Virtual Tour


24-hour Security Wired and wireless high-speed Internet
Cable TV service (TV not provided) Local phone service with one phone per unit
Air conditioning In unit bathrooms
24-hour Computer lab Mailboxes
Laundry facility (no extra cost per load) Fitness Center
Kitchen (DSA only) Spray booth for class projects (Schott only)

Move-In Details


New students can move-in beginning Thursday, January 11, 2018 after 9 a.m. Current students are encouraged to return on Saturday, January 13 after 11 a.m.


Upon arrival, you will be given your key and check-in documents at the Front Desk. You may check-in anytime on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between the hours of 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

If you need to arrive in Columbus earlier than the Thursdays above, you will need to book a hotel. We cannot accommodate early arrivals – no exceptions!


  • Bedding - pillows, blankets, and sheets for an XL twin mattress (6 ft. 8 in. x 3 ft.)
  • Bathroom items - towels, soap, and toiletries; other bathroom accessories
  • Personal comfort items - pictures, keepsakes, posters, etc.
  • Equipment - alarm clock, TV (no Smart TVs or TV equipment that requires internet or WiFi), Ethernet cable, flexible arm lamp, art supplies
  • Laundry supplies - clothes hangers, laundry basket, detergent, and dryer sheets
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Bicycles and U-shaped bike locks
  • Dorm-size refrigerator - 3.1 to 4.4 cubic ft. (one per Schott bedroom*; not permitted in DSA)
  • Microwave - standard size (one per Schott suite*; provided in DSA)
  • Cooking accessories - pots, pans, dishes, utensils, cutting board (DSA specifically)

*Check with roommates to determine who plans to bring these items


  • Weight lifting equipment
  • Candles and incense
  • Drug or alcohol paraphernalia
  • Wireless routers
  • Smart TVs
  • Pets (You may have fish in a 10 gallon or less aquarium. You must consult roommates first.)
  • Weapons (including martial arts)
  • Additional large pieces of furniture (desk chairs are OK)
  • Pressurized air containers
  • Used or expensive mattress pads (bed bug prevention/precautions)
  • Hot plates
  • Toaster ovens
  • Microwave (DSA only)
  • Mini fridge (DSA only)