Student Engagement

The Student Engagement & Inclusion Office oversees many of the programs and events on campus and offers a social outlet for students at CCAD while also providing educational and leadership opportunities outside the classroom.

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Student organizations

CCAD has a variety of student organizations that students can join. Attending the Student Engagement Fair at the beginning of fall semester is a great way to learn about the active organizations and to obtain information on joining an organization. 

Student organizations are open to everyone! Check out the list of student organizations below and contact their President for meeting information. 

Think you might want to start a student organization? You first need to identify a President, Treasurer, and full-time employee Advisor willing to support the organization. Then, the intended President of the group must complete the New Student Organization Form for consideration. See the Student Organization Handbook below for more details. Successful groups often start with a strong foundation of student interest and passionate student leaders.

Active Student Organizations and Contact Info (updated September 2022)

Org Name President Name Contact Info
Student Government Association Jenna Ronto [email protected]
Black Student Leadership Jaiden Garden [email protected]
Queer Artist Collective Grayson Cooper [email protected]
International Student Association Giao Huynh [email protected]
Game Creator's Guild Tara Miller [email protected]
Coalition for Christian Outreach Ben Sutter [email protected]
Comics Collective Connor Drescher [email protected]
Illustration Student Collective Merideth Hallet [email protected]
Animation Student Collective Camilla Boston [email protected]
Sustainability Collective Addeline Kelley [email protected]
Lolita /J-Fashion Club Nero Campisi [email protected]
Battle Games Association Six Farris [email protected] 
After Tea Chaos Chrissy Breckler [email protected]
Tabletop Role-Play Game Club Jude DeRango [email protected]
Glass Club Savannah Zupan [email protected]
Disability Student Collective Bailey Hammond [email protected]
Ad Graph Collective Alexis Garver [email protected]
Music Appreciation Club Abbey Staiger [email protected]
Student Programming Board Arianna Johnson [email protected]
CCAD Movie Club Jay  Hubbard [email protected]
Photo Collective Jakob O'Gara  [email protected]

Student Government Association

Student Government Association Logo

Student Government Association (SGA)membership is an elected and very important leadership position on campus. The members of SGA have the ability to effect change on campus and address the issues and concerns of the student body as a whole. Being an SGA Representative means leaving a legacy and improving the student experience not only for current students, but also for the future.

See the SGA page

The election process for SGA begins in January with newly elected members beginning in February and serving a one-year term. Any student in good standing with the college with a passion for effecting change on campus is eligible to run for office. Questions? Contact an SGA member for more information. All students are welcome to attend SGA meetings every Monday at 11 a.m. in Crane MPR. If you have a specific issue you would like to discuss at a meeting, please email SGA at the address below so we can add you to the agenda.

2022-23 SGA members

President Jenna Ronto
Vice President Grayson Cooper
Treasurer Liz Van Weelden
Rep for Campus Life Kay O'Malley
Rep for Academic Life  
Rep for Marketing & Communications Dalton Weber
Rep for Graduate Studies  
Rep for International Students  

Contact SGA

[email protected] 


Can I reserve a meeting room or event space on campus?

Only the leaders of a recognized student organization on campus may reserve a meeting room on campus by emailing [email protected] and request a day, time, and place. Meeting rooms must be officially requested and reserved or your group could be removed from the space.


How can my student group reserve the table outside of The Market?

Email [email protected] with the dates and purpose for the reservation at least two weeks prior to the week you would like to reserve. The table and chairs are located in the DSA lounge closet, you will need to ask the front desk staffer for the key and must break down and return the table and chairs to the closet at the end of each shift.


Who can I talk to about an idea for a campus improvement or if I'm unhappy about something at CCAD?

Contact your Student Government Representatives to discuss any issue, improvement, or idea you might have for improving CCAD for students. Attend one of their meetings, every Monday when classes are in session, 11am in Crane MPR.


Have additional questions? Email [email protected].