Preparing for active threats on campus

CCAD strives to make sure all students, faculty, staff, and visitors feel safe on campus. That’s why our Safety & Security team undergoes regular training on emergency response, including active shooter situations, which could happen at any community. While there is no current threat to campus, we want to make sure our community is prepared for such an event, should one ever occur. Therefore, we have created this video, which outlines important steps to take during an active shooter situation or any other active threat scenario. Please review at your convenience and remember to run if it’s safe, hide if it’s necessary, and fight if you must.

To learn more about CCAD’s Emergency Response Plan and to make sure you are signed up to receive emergency alerts, please visit For immediate assistance you should always call 911 and then follow up with CCAD’s Safety & Security department by contacting 614.222.6165.