First, You Hustle

First, You Hustle is a program from CCAD’s Career Services office to guide students on how to start their creative careers. The program features advice from alumni and employer guests, segments with students, faculty and staff, and how-to-guides on special topics. Episodes are released once every two weeks during the semester.

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Episode 1: The Pitch

Presentation can make or break opportunities. CCAD alumnus and Executive Creative Director at 88 Brand Partners Joe Popa (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1990) routinely presents concepts, his company, and himself to clients. This episode draws a parallel between what Joe does in his job, and what job candidates need to do when they meet employers, interview for positions, or otherwise find themselves needing to convince someone of their creative ambition.


Episode 2: The Application Process

There are many parts of a job application, including knowing what you want to do, researching companies, networking, writing a cover letter, and submitting a strong resume. Kristen Harris (Retail Advertising, 1991), co-founder of Portfolio Creative, sits down to talk about her perspective on what job candidates need to do to get noticed, get interviewed, and get the job.


Episode 3: The Portfolio Presentation 

Christopher Washington, Senior Human Resources Associate at Fahlgren Mortine, describes the art of presenting your portfolio to an employer. Finding items to include in your portfolio is only half the battle. Describing your work to employers in a meaningful way is what gets you the gig. This episode details steps you can take to prepare a presentation that will make employers want to say "When can you start?"


Episode 4: The Business of Art: Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

Turning your ideas or services into a business involves a lot of hoop jumping and careful planning. CCAD Assistant Professor and Department Head of Business & Entrepreneurship Elaine Grogan Luttrull outlines five areas to concentrate on when forming your own business or freelancing. Idea Foundry CEO Alex Bandar details how he grew his organization into a model of coworking and innovation, and one of Idea Foundry’s members, Will Nickley, describes life as a freelance designer. 


Episode 5: The Bumps in the Road

What should you do when you feel like you aren’t good enough? When you start doubting your abilities or if you’re even cut out for creative work? This episode identifies resources to turn to when you feel like you’re stuck and you can’t see the way forward. We hear a student’s journey as she contemplates changing her major, and Athena Sanders, Assistant Dean of Students for Support Services, reviews on-campus resources to keep you moving in the right direction. 


Episode 6: The Rise of the Creative Professional

At what point are you able to call yourself an "artist" or a "designer?" CCAD alum Marshall Shorts (Advertising & Graphic Design, Industrial Design, 2006) discusses his journey from student to serial entrepreneur and creative advocate. He recently started a creative agency, Artfluential, but his first art deal came about when he was in fifth grade. So, when does your creative career really begin?


Episode 7: The Thing About Careers in Fine Arts and Arts Management

The arts world hires in a distinctly different way than many other industries. This episode examines the key differences for students interested in fine arts or arts management careers. Also, Amanda Kepner, Senior Manager for Institutional Operations at the Columbus Museum of Art, shares her winding path into the museum world.

Episode 8: The Networking Game

Networking is something highly encouraged, but seldom explained. Our final episode of the semester breaks down how to prepare yourself for networking.

Episode 9: The StorySnacker Journey 

Life influences art – and it also influences how you share it. Erik Slangerup details how multiple factors in his life led to the idea for and creation of StorySnacker, an app for sharing illustrated mini-stories on the go. He also shares the lessons he has learned from the creative ether.

Episode 10: The Value of Who and Where

Often we focus on the ‘What’ of our career, as in what’s the job title or what’s the company name. There is, though, great value to be placed on who works beside you whether you enjoy the workspace where you show up every day. Matt Hoelter and Hilary Buchanan of Pixel Park share with us how their company came to be and why it emphasizes having a creative work space and enjoyable colleagues.


Episode 11: The Submit Button: What to Expect After Sending in the Application

Where does your application go after you submit it? Who looks at it, and how do they determine who to interview? We voyage into the ether of Human Resources and Applicant Tracking Systems to uncover how your application gets considered and how to improve your chances of getting the interview. 

Episode 12: The Self-Imposed Barriers: Part One

A healthy career comes from a healthy mind. Part one of this two-part episode covers the important role mental health plays in your job search. We discuss the barriers within ourselves and the common trials 20-something creative professionals work through. 


Episode 13: The Self-Imposed Barriers: Part Two

Our conversation on mental health continues with Erin Vlach, director of the Counseling & Wellness Center at CCAD. We walk through the reasons why self-imposed barriers exist, and what you can do to work around them.


Episode 14: The Small Things

Big changes in your career development can come from small efforts. For example, a simple exercise you can do that makes incremental adjustments to your job search can reveal potentially hundreds of new opportunities. This episode also takes a look at the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction and what it teaches us about small talk, the ice breaker for developing professional relationships. 

Episode 15: The Parting Words

Congratulations to the Class of 2018! Emily Pilloton, a teacher and designer at University of California, Berkley, and Charles Csuri, a founding figure of digital art, are two people who know firsthand the ingredients for a successful creative career. They shared that insight with graduates at CCAD’s commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Episode 16: Summer Mail Bag

We answer common career-related questions in this summer check-in episode. Leave comments or call our Career Services hotline at 614.636.0874 to leave a voice message with your concerns, questions, or advice. We’d love to feature you in an upcoming episode.