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Industrial design students created fresh takes on rattan furniture that you can actually purchase from a furniture retailer yourself. But this isn't a story about rattan- it's about how real-world partnerships in the classroom elevate the design skills students learn and the partners who make it happen, in this case a design agency called Awaken Koala.

Photo by Nick Johnson | Awaken Koala: | Learn more about collaborative projects at CCAD:

There is a shift happening in retail to move the focus from transactions to experiences and engagement. As the retail experience shifts, so will the designers who shape them. Dr. Jen Schlueter, Dean of Graduate Studies at Columbus College of Art & Design, explores how the industry is rethinking retail along with Rachel Friedman and Faith Huddleston from Tenfold, a design firm that just launched an experimental retail space called Tenspace, and Ed Hofmann, chair of the Master of Professional Studies in Retail Design advisory board at CCAD.Interested in learning more? Catch the next installment of CCAD Knows Retail, a free webinar series featuring experts in the field. You can visit Tenspace in Columbus's Short North district (930 High Street) or follow them online

Kyrsti Schwarz from Paramount Animation talks about the production side of the animation industry as someone who went from animating in the classroom to producing in the field. We dive into the various production and producing roles in the industry, what it takes to be successful, and why it might be a fitting career for you.Many designers aim to someday run their own solo design studio managing multiple clients, projects and creative endeavors. Getting to a point where you are artistically ready, financially prepared, and connected to the creative community can take some time. For Audrey Stemen (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2018) it only took a couple years and she made the transition during a pandemic. Learn about how her discipline, dedication and genuine approach helped her get there and launch successfully. Check out the many facets of Audrey's work on her website

The clues for crafting a strong job application are right there in the position description itself. This episode will break down a real job description to show you how to find the right key words and attributes to highlight in your application. We then spoke with the person hiring for that very position: Meg Marsh, Head of People at argodesign. To help you follow along, here is a PDF of the job description used in this program. 

CCAD recently participated in the Art Tells a Story, Let it Tell Yours web series where we interviewed Lea Gray (Fine Arts, 2004) about running her business, PaperBlooms Design, during a pandemic and how challenges quickly turned in to great opportunities. You can watch the original stream here, where you can also find more from the Art Tells a Story, Let it Tell Yours series . The web series is produced by Nicolette Swift and Reese Brothers Productions.

The effects of COVID-19 are not limited to disrupting social norms. It has brought a steady economy to a screeching halt, which means job searching just got a whole lot different for the Class of 2020. What is a recession and how does it change your career plans? We'll share some career advice and (light) economics 101. Plus, a look at how one person navigated their creative job search in Los Angeles during the last recession.

Originally recorded on March 4th, 2020 at the Joseph V Canzani Center at CCAD: For the fourth year, Columbus College of Art & Design’s Industrial Design program presents Women in Design, a panel focusing on innovation in design. This year’s panel discussion includes such experts as Michelle Fenstermaker, Strategy Director North America, FITCH; Diane Rambo, Senior Vice President, Big Red Rooster; and Allison Westrick, Principal and Founder, Sketch Blue. Click here to see timestamps.

An intersection in Chicago becomes the inspiration for a lifestyle boutique in Columbus. Now the creators are finding what they've built is not restricted to one intersection, city, or time. Hear their story about how it all got started and where they hope it is heading.


What does it mean to work for a non-profit and do mission-driven work? Sara Copes, Film & Video 2019, tells us how a video project for Oesterlen Service for Youth lead to a whole new outlook on their career path. Check out Sara's mini-documentary on the Life Skills Center at Oesterlen here.

As the semester closes, two students reflect on their internship experiences from the past semester. Learn what to expect in an internship and how it helps you grow as a professional. Internships are an essential part of professional development.

Selections from a recent talk with New York Times writer and author David Gelles who was on campus as part of the CCAD President’s Lecture Series. From the sculptor’s studio to the concert hall, mindfulness and meditation have emerged as essential tools for artists of all mediums, fueling them with inspiration and giving them enhanced focus. Gelles’ 2015 book Mindful Work brings together his 15 years of meditation practice and his work as a business journalist, shedding light on how business leaders have discovered that meditation can be key to fostering a happier, more productive workplace.

What can an illustrator do? If you are CCAD grad Rosanne Percivalle (Illustration, 1980), pretty much anything! Listen in as Rosanne details a career journey that has graced album covers, movie posters, magazines, corporate work, freelance, entrepreneurship, sculpture, interior design, 3D, and much more. Learn about some of the key traits that have enabled this skilled illustrator to take on such a wide variety of work.

Smart, sustainable and balanced architecture design requires careful planning that fuses architecture and interior design. Guest host, and Chair of CCAD’s Interior Architecture & Design program, Kelly DeVore talks with M+A Architects’ Carrie Boyd and Seth Oakley about how these two disciplines work together and what students can do to prepare for the industry. Carrie Boyd, Principal and Director of Interior Design, was recently named one of 40 Under 40 in Columbus. Seth Oakley is an architect and Director of M+A’s Cincinnati operations.

The final installment of our three-part series on careers in art preservation from a recent panel discussion at CCAD. CCAD Archivist Chloe Singer has a background in collection management and paper and book preservation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in photography from The Ohio State University and a Master’s of Library and Information Science with a focus in archives, preservation and records management from the University of Pittsburgh. John Delia is a real estate developer, entrepreneur, and author who actively owns and manages a portfolio that houses families from four continents and is valued in excess of $2.5 million.

Part two of a three-part series on careers in art preservation from a recent panel discussion at CCAD. Lindsay Jones' background in construction and historic preservation has blended over more than a decade of experience into a dedication to the specific repair and restoration of historic buildings and public artwork. For her undergraduate degrees, she studied both architectural history and construction management at The Ohio State University, and she later earned her MS in historic preservation from the University of Oregon. Her background includes both construction management and hands-on historic conservation roles, with a special focus on introducing subcontractors to historic preservation practices.

Part one of a three-part series on careers in art preservation from a recent panel discussion at CCAD. Sarah Marsom has nearly 10 years of experience working for historic sites/non-profits and specializes in creative outreach strategies that connect people to the past. As a heritage resource consultant, she develops educational workshops, interpretive plans, researches properties, and more. In 2018, she was recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as the recipient of the American Express Aspire Award during the 2018 National Preservation Awards and as an honoree on the inaugural 40 Under 40: People Saving Place's list.

Should you get paid for an internship? Federal guidelines say … maybe. Unpaid internships can be legal, but not always worth it. We break it all down for you. Also, you’ll hear from current CCAD students who are nearing the end of their (paid) internship experiences and what they found most valuable. (Additional resources: Department of Labor guidelines for unpaid internships; Josh Smukal, Film & Video 2019, is featured in this episode. He was also featured in a 'CCAD Story' - watch it here!)

No matter what career field you end up in, you’re going to have to deal with bills, loans, credit cards and lots of other financial matters. Jeff Fisher, Senior Vice President for Finance and Planning at the Columbus College of Art & Design is no stranger to where smart financial planning and creative work intersect. We review some tips, tricks and terms to be prepared for when the real world hits.

Hear from current CCAD students checking in on their internship experience and how they were able to construct a framework for success before they even started.

College-aged students use social media most frequently of all age groups and it is starting to show. Too much social media use has been linked to increases in stress and anxiety. At CCAD, students decided to ditch digital and the whole college went unplugged for one day. Here is how it went and why you might want to consider telling social media BRB every now and then.

Products talk to each other. They share information that helps us track progress and make decisions. Smartrac creates the technology that enables products to store and share information with each other, vendors, and customers. All of this info makes up the Internet of Things. Tom Bishop, a Senior Director at Smartrac, talks to us about why creative minds are vital in bringing this technology to consumers.

Tom Gattis, Dean for the School of Design Arts at CCAD, has a vast network of connections from his careers in industrial design and higher education. How do you actually use a network? Gattis talks about how a strong network helps with jobs, but, more importantly, how such relationships can support a lifelong career of collaboration. We discuss his projects in the classroom, including partnerships with Aether Global Learning and SHiFT Design Camp.

Advice for navigating a career fair, networking event, or other environments where there are employers hiring. Also, Samuel Koh (Film & Video, 2020) talks about his summer internship in video production.

There’s a Victoria’s Secret in China that will soon have a retail fixture called The Matthew—and it is all because of Matthew Ballard’s (Interior Design, 2020) retail design internship with L Brands. Also, we’ll take a look at using rhetorical devices to make the right “argument” in your next interview.

Teamwork and interpersonal communication are vital assets to great design work. Brittani Riston (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2019) shares her internship experience from this summer, and the lessons learned when working as a team. We also take a look at the new Amazon series Forever, starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen, through the lens of career building.

We’re taking a look at job announcements that are too good to be true and common job scams to avoid. Also, Emma Byrnes (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2020) tells us about her summer with L Brands and an internship that turned out to be way more fun than advertised.

Our conversation on mental health continues with Erin Vlach, director of the Counseling & Wellness Center at CCAD. We walk through the reasons why self-imposed barriers exist, and what you can do to work around them.

A healthy career comes from a healthy mind. Part one of this two-part episode covers the important role mental health plays in your job search. Maria Carluccio, Assistant Professor in Illustration at CCAD, discuss the barriers within ourselves and the common trials 20-something creative professionals work through.

Where does your application go after you submit it? Who looks at it, and how do they determine who to interview? We voyage into the ether of Human Resources and Applicant Tracking Systems to uncover how your application gets considered and how to improve your chances of getting the interview. Also, tales of interviews gone bad.

Often we focus on the ‘What’ of our career, as in what’s the job title or what’s the company name. There is, though, great value to be placed on who works beside you and whether you enjoy the workspace where you show up every day. Matt Hoelter and Hilary Buchanan of Pixel Park share with us how their company came to be and why it emphasizes having a creative work space and enjoyable colleagues.

Life influences art – and it also influences how you share it. Erik Slangerup details how multiple factors in his life led to the idea for and creation of StorySnacker, an app for sharing illustrated mini-stories on the go. He also shares the lessons he has learned from the creative ether. (UPDATE: In Spring 2019, Erik's app was nominated for a WEBBY award as one of the global top 5 best apps for 'family & kids' - congratulations, Erik!

The arts world hires in a distinctly different way than many other industries. This episode examines the key differences for students interested in fine arts or arts management careers. Also, Amanda Kepner, Senior Manager for Institutional Operations at the Columbus Museum of Art, shares her winding path into the museum world.

At what point are you able to call yourself an ‘artist’ or a ‘designer’? CCAD alum Marshall Shorts (Advertising & Graphic Design, Industrial Design, 2006) discusses his journey from student to serial entrepreneur and creative advocate. He recently started a creative agency, Artfluential, but his first art deal came about when he was in fifth grade. So, when does your creative career really begin?

What should you do when you feel like you aren’t good enough? When you start doubting your abilities or if you’re even cut out for creative work? This episode identifies resources to turn to when you feel like you’re stuck and you can’t see the way forward. We hear a student’s journey as she contemplates changing her major, and Athena Sanders, Assistant Dean of Students for Support Services, reviews on-campus resources to keep you moving in the right direction.

Turning your ideas or services into a business involves a lot of hoop jumping and careful planning. CCAD Assistant Professor and Department Head of Business & Entrepreneurship Elaine Grogan Luttrull outlines five areas to concentrate on when forming your own business or freelancing. Idea Foundry CEO Alex Bandar details how he grew his organization into a model of coworking and innovation, and one of Idea Foundry’s members, Will Nickley, describes life as a freelance designer.

Christopher Washington, Senior Human Resources Associate at Fahlgren Mortine, describes the art of presenting your portfolio to an employer. Finding items to include in your portfolio is only half the battle. Describing your work to employers in a meaningful way is what gets you the gig. This episode details steps you can take to prepare a presentation that will make employers want to say "When can you start?"

There are many parts of a job application, including knowing what you want to do, researching companies, networking, writing a cover letter, and submitting a strong resume. Kristen Harris (Retail Advertising, 1991), co-founder of Portfolio Creative, sits down to talk about her perspective on what job candidates need to do to get noticed, get interviewed, and get the job.

Presentation can make or break opportunities. CCAD alumnus and Executive Creative Director at 88 Brand Partners Joe Popa (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1990) routinely presents concepts, his company, and himself to clients. This episode draws a parallel between what Joe does in his job, and what job candidates need to do when they meet employers, interview for positions, or otherwise find themselves needing to convince someone of their creative ambition.