Learning Support


CCAD is committed to helping students become effective, self-motivated learners. The Learning Support Office provides high-quality resources and services to enhance skills in communication, problem-solving, and academic planning.

If you have questions or wish to make an appointment, please contact learningsupport@ccad.edu or call 614.222.4044. You can also visit the Learning Support Office during walk-in hours, Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. – Noon, located on the first floor of the Crane Center in the Student Affairs Office.  



Susy Adams

Student Affairs Office Manager & Learning Support Specialist








Academic Coaching

Meet with a Learning Support staff member during walk-in hours or by appointment to address individual areas of need related to learning strategies, time management, organization, prioritization, and other academic-related skills. During coaching sessions, we help students identify strategies for enhancing the skills necessary for success in college.

Workshop Series

Each semester, Learning Support hosts group workshops on a variety of topics focused specifically on strategies for student success at CCAD. For dates/times/locations, please visit the Upcoming Events Calendar on MyCCAD or contact the Learning Support Office. Our workshops are often approved for New Student Seminar credit.​

Creative Coaches

Creative Coaches are upper-class students who offer ideas, advice, and inspiration to fellow CCAD peers. Creative Coaches are available on-campus during walk-in hours or by appointment to provide one-on-one academic support, content knowledge, skill development, and constructive critique. Click here for this semester’s Creative Coaches schedule

Writing and History of Art & Visual Culture Consultants

Writing consultants help students with technical writing skills, writing cohesion, and overall quality of writing assignments, always focusing as much on the writer as much as the individual piece of writing. History of Art & Visual Culture consultants help with understanding course content, visual literacy, and its applicability to papers, tests, and projects. The consultant office is located near the One Stop on the first floor of the Crane Center. A calendar is posted on the outside of the door for appointment scheduling. 

Disability Accommodation Support

The Learning Support Office assists in coordinating appropriate and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Disclosing a disability is voluntary, however, to be considered for reasonable accommodations for a cognitive, psychological, or physical/medical disability, current students must self-identify as having a disability and provide appropriate documentation. To initiate the process, students should contact Learning Support and review the following resources for information on documentation requirements and frequently asked questions.  Students registered with Learning Support can also reference the Grievance Policy & Procedure regarding equal access to campus programs and services.

Academic Disability Accommodations

Housing & Dining Accommodations

Emotional Support Animal Accommodation

Service Animal Policy & Procedure

Disability Grievance Policy & Procedure

Disability Grievance Report Form

Requesting Accommodation Letters for Instructors

Once registered with Learning Support, students are responsible for requesting and delivering an accommodations letter to their instructors each semester.  To do so, please complete the online request form below. Requests should be submitted before the start of each semester or as early as possible in the semester to ensure activation of accommodation support. Within 5 business days of receiving a request, letters are emailed to the student's CCAD student email as a PDF attachment. Students are responsible for printing and delivering letters to their instructors to have their accommodations applied. Please visit the Learning Support Office if you do not have access to confidential printing. We strongly encourage students to discuss their accommodations with each faculty member. Accommodation letters can be requested any time, however, accommodations cannot be applied retroactively.

Disability Accommodation Letter Request Form


Further Accessibility Needs

For students with disabilities in need of greater accessibility to fully participate in any campus event, program, or activity, please contact the Learning Support Office at learningsupport@ccad.edu or 614.222.4044. Please notify us in advance to ensure appropriate adjustments or alterations can be made.